We Have AMD’s Top-Secret “Stardust” System | Tear-Down & Hands-On

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We stumbled across mysterious AMD Load Testing hardware online, codenamed “Stardust,” so we bought it to study and open up internally. This device has a ton of interesting history for Threadripper and Epyc CPU simulation and load testing, it’s also extremely rare outside of AMD test labs around the world.

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00:00 – AMD Stardust
02:18 – What We Got & What We’re Missing
05:48 – How AMD Stardust Works
07:07 – Power Reporting & Uses in Calculating Design
08:57 – Where AMD Stardust Comes into Play
13:56 – Tear-Down & Open
21:32 – Conclusion

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Host, Tear-Down: Steve Burke
Research: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman
Video Production: Keegan Gallick