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Our Mission Is To Help You Improve
More Than Just Your Income...

While I love sharing strategies, making connections and creating opportunities for people in the world of real estate… what really keeps me going is creating long term positive impact on this planet.

See, impact for me… means helping you to take ACTION like you never have before.

It’s not about doing for the sake of doing. That’s the rat race, and it flat out sucks. The purpose here is to actualize your potential. To help you prove to yourself that you can create true wealth quickly and without regrets.

We care deeply about what you’re struggling with, what you’re going through… and we’re here to get you unstuck and successful as fast as possible. We’re lucky that we’ve got the trainings, the team, and the motivation to help you win.

We can’t wait to support your path to freedom, money beyond belief, and a group of friends that will stand by your side for the rest of your life.


My Story

My first real estate investment was located in Lithonia, GA, and eventually became my first and only experience with foreclosure. At that time in my life, all I knew was that I wanted to help a “friend” who was in trouble and ultimately that I could invest in Real Estate in doing so. Long Story short I was scammed before it was popular. I did although learn that everyone does not have your best interest at heart, and also that having a foreclosure on your credit report makes even renting close to impossible alone.

Since then, my wife and I have purchased 4 single-family homes, rented properties, and sold properties. I have been a wholesaler and have had the experience of flipping a property. But the most impactful experience that I have had is with a 16-unit multifamily property located in Johnson City, TN. This property is providing quality homes to families and within a year has 68% ROI (return on investment).

These events have inspired the creation of The Oliver Perry Show Platform, Real Estate From the Foxhole, and The Perry Real Estate Team. The Ultimate goal being to provide quality properties that tenants can be proud to call home and to help others to learn to do the same through sharing our work.

Real Estate from the Foxhole Episodes

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Marine to Mortgage: Eric Browning’s Journey with VA Loans in Real Estate

Discover the world of real estate investment through the eyes of Eric Browning, a former Marine turned specialty lender, in this insightful episode. Eric shares his transition from military service to real estate, sparked by an opportunistic property purchase during the 2007-2008 financial crisis....

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“Army to Assets: Charlie’s Mission for Financial Freedom through Real Estate”

In this episode, we delve into the life of Charlie Hardage, a military veteran whose life was transformed by the pages of “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Charlie recounts his journey from serving in the Army to carving a path to financial freedom through real...

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Harnessing Uniqueness: Five Key Lessons from Jason White on Government Contracting

Embark on a journey of personal and entrepreneurial growth with this enlightening episode of our podcast. Drawing inspiration from Jason White, an expert in government contracting, we delve into five essential lessons that resonate beyond the realm of business. Learn about the power of...

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From Gas Pumps to Government Contracts: Jay White’s Remarkable Transformation

Join us in this inspiring episode as we explore Jay White's incredible journey from a gas station attendant to a master in federal government contracting. Jay's story is a vivid testament to the power of adaptability in the face of life's twists and turns....

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A Journey of Resilience: Travis Watts’ Epic Evolution to Passive Real Estate Mastery

In this moving episode of 'Real Estate From the Foxhole,' Travis Watts shares his heartfelt journey from active to passive real estate investing. His story is not just about financial strategies; it's about the emotional resilience required in adapting to the evolving real estate...

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Embracing Change: Jamie Gruber’s Emotional Odyssey in Real Estate and Self-Discovery

Join us on 'Real Estate from the Foxhole' for an emotionally charged episode with Jamie Gruber. Beyond his role as an insurance executive and multifamily investor, Jamie shares a deeply personal narrative of breaking free from life's constraints and passionately pursuing real estate. His...

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