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Marine to Mortgage: Eric Browning’s Journey with VA Loans in Real Estate

Discover the world of real estate investment through the eyes of Eric Browning, a former Marine turned specialty lender,...

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“Army to Assets: Charlie’s Mission for Financial Freedom through Real Estate”

In this episode, we delve into the life of Charlie Hardage, a military veteran whose life was transformed by...

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Harnessing Uniqueness: Five Key Lessons from Jason White on Government Contracting

Embark on a journey of personal and entrepreneurial growth with this enlightening episode of our podcast. Drawing inspiration from...

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From Gas Pumps to Government Contracts: Jay White’s Remarkable Transformation

Join us in this inspiring episode as we explore Jay White's incredible journey from a gas station attendant to...

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A Journey of Resilience: Travis Watts’ Epic Evolution to Passive Real Estate Mastery

In this moving episode of 'Real Estate From the Foxhole,' Travis Watts shares his heartfelt journey from active to...

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Embracing Change: Jamie Gruber’s Emotional Odyssey in Real Estate and Self-Discovery

Join us on 'Real Estate from the Foxhole' for an emotionally charged episode with Jamie Gruber. Beyond his role...

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From Humble Roots to Real Estate Titan: Lane Kawaoka’s Emotional Investment Odyssey

In this heart-stirring episode of 'Real Estate From the Foxhole,' we delve into the personal journey of Lane Kawaoka....

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Ann Lianos’ Strategy for Success: Mastering Passive Investing in Commercial Real Estate featuring Ann Leanos