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Real Estate from the Foxhole is a podcast helping the Military, Government, and any employee who feels trapped by their job, break out of their “Golden Handcuffs” and become financially free through Real Estate. We provide you with a way of fighting from your foxhole, using the unique perspectives of successful people who are winning. Real Estate from the Foxhole dives into topics such as financial planning, investments, Real Estate deals, and more to help you understand how Real Estate can be used as a tool for freedom.

About Oliver Perry

Oliver and his team have created a dynamic platform that shares the journey of Oliver as he provides full access to his journey in Multi-Family Real Estate. Oliver provides candid conversations through his podcast “Real Estate from the Foxhole, each episode features in-depth interviews with industry experts and influential figures in the Multi-Family Real Estate arena. Through the Oliver Perry Show, where Oliver shares his day-to-day work and experiences in learning and taking action in Multi-family Real Estate, providing Behind the scenes insights, learning proven strategies, and staying updated on the latest trends in this ever-evolving market. The Oliver Perry Show is your go-to resource for all things Multifamily Real Estate. Tune in and join the Journey.


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