FRUGALITY & SACRIFICE While Investing In Real Estate w/ Alex & Kirby ( Passive Income Guys)

Alex and Kirby have been able to transition from military life and successfully navigate through early sacrifice, goal setting, and building a future in real estate. In this episode we'll unpack their journey to building a multifamily real estate mindset and the nuance of sacrifice in order to be successful. We'll also talk about :

– Changing Your Mindset About Money : How they both navigated leaving the military and generating TRUE passive income.
– Frugality and Sacrifice : Navigating tough conversations with loved ones about your choices to give up things temporarily for a better future.
– Taking RISK IN REAL ESTATE : The truth about being Young ( or more seasoned) and how it affects one's ability to take more risk in business.
– Prepping For Opportunity : Why saying “NO” now will prepare you for massive success in the future as an investor.

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