Electromagnetic Railguns – The U.S Military’s future Superguns – 200 mile range Mach 7 projectiles

Railguns, Sci-fi come true, or at least it seems thats way. An electric gun that can fire a guided projectile over 150km at Mach 7. Although still in development these could be the future replacing the heavy guns of the past whilst being much cheaper to operate that cruise missiles or advanced aircraft.

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Presented By Paul Shillito
Written & Researched by Andy Munzer
Additional Material by Paul Shillito
Footage & Images BAE Systems, General Atomics
US Navy, Ziggy Zee (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCyJF66176hT8hIt0x0RWKw), USAF
Music by Mike G. Mullen, BMI http://www.positrosmic.com