Actors Whose Careers Were Ruined By Great TV Shows

An actor’s career is arguably filled with more no’s than yes’s. That’s why landing a major role in a hit TV series is a sigh of relief — it’s not only a job but potentially a steady one that could last for many seasons.

Compared to a movie, acting roles on TV shows can last for years, and they give an actor a steady paycheck and a huge following of loyal fans. But being part of a long-running and popular TV show does have its drawbacks.

Once a TV show ends, many big stars have fallen into the trap of not being able to shake off the image of their popular character from the minds of fans. Here are actors whose careers were ruined by great TV shows.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar | 0:00
David Schwimmer | 1:12
Sarah Jessica Parker | 2:18
Jason Alexander | 2:57
The crew of the Enterprise | 3:36
Jon Hamm | 4:20
Lauren Ambrose | 5:01

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