091. Making Your Money Sticky with 5 Steps w/ Nikki Martinez

Here are 5 ways according to Nikki Martinez to make your Money Sticky!

Nikki Martinez helps other with their power to build wealth by sticking to key principles that bring success! As a former military member and military spouse, she knows first hand what it takes  to reach goals one step at a time! In our episode we discuss :

  • Managing the emotions behind money : the truth about what it takes to talk more about our finances and come up with a plan to manage our funds in a winning manner.
  • Unlocking your WHY : discovering what it takes to identify the WHY behind your money management and the major differences between those who have a WHY and those who don’t.
  • Debt Payoff and Investing in YOU : why you are more important than any BILL you have and why there is so much power in paying off debt to unleash the power of your income.
  • SAVINGS and Investments : the major differences between being a F.I.R.E. starter and preparing yourself to invest in the future.

And so much more!

Connect with Nikki : https://www.facebook.com/groups/grittywealthbuilding

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