089. Your Copy Writing Questions Answered w/ Divine Bunch

In this episode we'll cover the most frequently asked questions about Copywriting!

If you have ever desired to up your persuasion and influence through the way your written word is displayed to the world, this is the episode for you!  Divine Bunch uses the power of buyer psychology, ethical sales copy, and SEO in her amazing skillset of copywriting for real estate professionals.

  • Credentials VS. Establishing Trust: The power we all have to build trust on our website by the way we talk to the ideal clients.
  • The Truth About SEO: Defining what the search engines look for on your website before making it live and how to write for maximum reach.
  • Attractive language: Why headings, keywords, and creative thought must play a part in how you communicate to your ideal clients.

And so much more!

Connect with Divine : https://www.instagram.com/divinebunch/

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