086. 5 Keys To MASSIVE IMPACT in Real Estate w/ Cindy Byler

Here are my 5 Key Takeaways with Cindy Byler from our time together!

Cindy Byler is a buy and hold real estate investor who left her career as a music teacher after replacing her income in record time through real estate. Since 2019, she has been able to with her husband acquire 6 properties and a total of 13 doors! In this episode we'll dive into :

– Tenant Power : brining impact to upstate New York through they way they take care of their tenants .
– Building Teams with the “WHO NOT HOW” Method : Why having the right team in your business brings MASSIVE ROI.
– Mission and Mindset Keys In Real Estate : How to define your why as you walk through the process of desiring more deals and helping more people.

and so much more!

Connect with Cindy : http://www.facebook.com/cindybyler

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