084. Turn Key Investment FAQ’s with Eric Martel

In this F.A.Q. Section, Eric Martel answers some of the hottest questions about the world of Turn Key Investments and escaping the rat race!

Eric Martel is a Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker and is passionate about helping others unlock the power of real estate to help them actualize freedom, generational wealth, and an escape from the RAT RACE. As founder of MartelTurnkey, he and his team help their clients achieve freedom through CASH FLOW POSITIVE turnkey rentals and joint ventures.

In this episode we'll unpack :

– His story of starting his real estate journey at the age of 18!

– Why he left a lucrative career in management and business consulting.

– The keys to retiring early through real estate.

– The truth about Turn Key Family Rentals.

and more!

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