081. 5 Keys To Building A Private Equity Firm

In this episode, I'll unpack my 5 key takeaways from my time with Brock Morgensen . What a great time we had together!

Brock Morgensen started his journey about 3 years ago with one duplex and had has eyes opened to cash flow and the power of real estate to build wealth and help others. He is now the founder of Smart Asset Capital, a vertically integrated real estate private equity investment firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After leaving his job he is now a full-time real estate investor and we're going to dive into :

– How to classify a good return in the syndication real estate space : why Brock was able to pool together multiple investors to get deals done and how he classifies a “SMART ASSET.”

– Underwriting Models & Analyzing Spreadsheets : what he would tell ANYONE looking at a deal and how to unlock the power of its cash flow.

–  Networking and Authenticity : How to position yourself as a deal maker and value bringer without over-embellishing your skillset and making long-lasting, lucrative connections.

– Overcoming the fear of success : Why going from one fourplex to 89 has been the ride of his business life and the lessons he's learned in the process.

and so much more!

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