077. Multifamily Investing As A Steady Stream w/ Camilla Jeffs

Camilla Jeffs started investing into real estate with her husband at the age of 22 and is now helping other aspiring real estate investors turn their dreams into reality. As founder of Steady Stream Investments, she is passionate about group investments and assisting others with building wealth by investing in multi-family syndications. On this episode we’ll dive into :

Passive Investing & Utilizing House Hacking to Get Started In Real Estate : Her family’s journey of starting the process of investing in single family properties and finding their sweet spot in multi-family projects to build their legacy.

Transitioning Into Teaching Others The Secret Sauce of Real Estate : Why she is leading the conversation about Purposeful Investing to help others experience financial, social, and environmental returns from their time spent adding value to others through real estate.

Creating Content For Real Estate Students As An Introvert: How she manages teaching others the real estate game by way of her YouTube channel and masterclass. We’ll also talk about the mindset behind creating value-stacked content as someone who would rather be behind the scenes.

And so much more!

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