076. Contracting : 5 Quick Tips w/ Mat Dibara

Here are my five key takeaways from my time with Matt DiBara! Matt DiBara is a 4th generation contractor and leader of DiBara Masonry in Los Angeles, CA! Known as the Undercover Contractor, he is committed to empowering the Construction Management and Contracting industry to be a great asset to the people they service. Known for some of the most creative marketing tactics in the industry, he’s here to share his approach, passion, and principles . We talked about,

Growing up in the family business: gave him the understanding of how he handle the expectations, pressures, and benefits of carrying such a promising legacy. (He did start working in the family business at the age of 9)

He told me how to distinguishing a business vs. a brand :  the power in being intentional about drawing attention to your brand so that you can close more business in your industry.

He talked about abiding by principles and the commitment to be fearless :  why R.E. professionals can get further in their careers by establishing pillars and a commitment to try almost anything to be successful.

He even discussed the importance of becoming “ a mad scientist” :  why brand recognition is more about what are willing to risk in marketing more than it is about doing it the way it’s always been done.

And so much more!

Connect w/ Matt : https://theundercovercontractor.com/

IG https://www.instagram.com/theundercovercontractor/

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