Mark Podolsky comes from the world of Mergers and Acquisitions in Investment Banking and has tons of insight!  After finding himself overworked and stressed out ot the max, a colleague made him aware of the world of land investing. Now, after over 6,000 transactions Mark is here to share his insight and journey to becoming the Land Geek! In this episode we unpack :

  • Discovering his purpose through teaching others : Why the name THE LAND GEEK is so much more than a name but is more about the movement of financial freedom he champions.
  •  CONSISTENCY and INTERNAL MOTIVATION : How he has found his cadence when it comes to creating content, getting the message out to others, and taking massive action as a means to build the brand.
  • CULTIVATING TEAM CULTURE and THE CONTENT CREATION BLUEPRINT : What he has done to build a raving team culture and what is approach is to pumping out massive amounts of content.
  • DISRUPTING YOUR AUDIENCE and COMFORT ZONE : How to stay authentic enough to challenge your core audience and not give up on the process of getting to your next level.

and so much more!

Check out his Land Geek and how to you can learn more from Mark here


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