068. How To Create MILLION DOLLAR Real Estate Content like a Pro w/ Nicky Saunders

Nicky Saunders is a former Navy Veteran turned content creation, marketing, and branding QUEEN! As the secret sauce behind some of the world's most sought after speakers and coaches, she knows a thing or two about what it takes to skyrocket your results in the world of social media and Youtube. On this episode Nicky and I will unpack :

– Distinguishing Who You Are Vs. How You Get Your Message Out : Marketing VS. Branding.
– The Importance Of Social Proof : The need to document your process when setting yourself apart from your competition.
– Authenticity In Real Estate : How to talk, dress, and relate to others in a way that is congruent with your truest self .
– Studying The Tape : The importance of reviewing your social media presence as you seek to get better at marketing your business and being true to your R.E. brand.
– Introverts VS. Extroverts Who Create Content : Content creation tailor made for your personality type…. how do you “stay in pocket” for your most optimal way of creating content that is right for your style .

and so much more!

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